Welcome to BIKE FITNESS COACHING  where we provide youBike Fit with your own personalized Bike Fit which starts with an evaluation of your Flexibility. We also look at your Pedaling Efficiency via the Computrainer and SpinScan software. Our Bike Fitting | Bike Fit | Bike Coaching services are all designed to help you, the cyclist, maximize your cycling potential in meeting your goals. Take a look at the post-fit knee tracking –>


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What Makes Us Different from Other Bike Fitters? First off, we give every client the same great service, the same level of detail, whether you are a USA National Champion like ChrisRecommendation Rating DeMarchi, or in your 70’s and just taking up cycling again. Our process looks at Bike Fitting from the viewpoint of a Physical Therapist. Someone that knows Anatomy and Kinetic Chains. You are not thrown up on some bike fit machine and forced into some un-natural position just because some numbers from a computer data base tells you. Our Bike Fitting Process is professional and personalized and is the cornerstone and foundation for whether your aim is to increase power and speed for racing, cruise faster or longer, or simply to increase your comfort on the bike. Bike Fitness Coaching can help.

   In addition to our bedrock fit and performance-based services, we also provide high-end tech services including Di2 Installation/Di2 Upgrades, Di2 Firmware Updates and Programming, ROTOR Q-rings/QXL-rings Installation and correctly Indexing (re-regulation).

   I am a certified bike fitter and USAC certified Level 2 coach and I will do my absolute best to make sure you have the best fit possible, and that you are comfortable, efficient and most importantly, pain-free on your bicycle.

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Services Provided:

Advanced Bike Fitting – for Comfort and Injury-Free Cycling

Pedaling & Power Analysis – for Maximum Efficiency & Wattage Output

In-Depth Pedal/Cleat/Shoe/Foot (PCSF) Fitfor Healthy Pain-Free Knees

Shimano Di2 Firmware Programming, Firmware Updates and Upgrades

Rotor Q-Rings Regulation Optimizationfor Maximum Efficiency

COACHING, Drills & Skills, Workouts Better, Faster, Stronger, Longer

Aerodynamic Testing



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“Leading the FAST Wednesday AM Ride is EASY after a great BIKE FIT and some COACHING. Yeah, that’s one fast girl!”

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Rick Schultz, DBA

  • USAC Cycling Coach – Level 2
  • CPBT – Certified Power Based Training
  • CSI – Certified Skills Instructor
  • BRP – USAC Beginner Racer Program Instructor/Coach
  • Bike Fit Certified
    • Bike Fit
    • ISCO
    • Guru
    • Trek Level 2
  • ISSA CPT – Certified Personal Trainer