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Bike Fit eBook – Bike Fit 101



As a bike fit professional, I have heard legion horror stories about “professional” fittings that have gone bad. This leaves riders less comfortable, in more pain, and disillusioned about the whole bike-fitting industry. Simply put, this should never happen. I wrote this Bike Fit eBook in response to ensure that a “bad fit” doesn’t happen to you.

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In researching my Bike Fit eBook – Bike Fit 101: Your Toolset for a Great Bike Fit, I read every book and article from the best fitters. Then, combined with my own experiences as a Certified GURU bike fitter and Medicine Of Cycling certified bike fitter,  I created a best-of-the-best bike-fitting process in the form of a step-by-step how-to manual that you can use to do a bike fit yourself, or fine-tune your fit. But, this Bike Fit eBook is more than that. It also provides a toolset for those of you who prefer to work with a professional fitter. It shows you how to find a quality fitter and how to work with that fitter to get your best possible bike fit. If you approach a professional bike fit with the toolset and knowledge gleaned from this Bike Fit eBook, you’ll be prepared to work with your fitter in much more of a two-way relationship – enhancing the likelihood of a great bike fit for you.




Bike Fit 101 includes what is considered a “basic fit” up to and including an “intermediate fit.” A “pro level

Excerpt from Bike Fit 101

Excerpt from Bike Fit 101

fit” is best accomplished on a computerized fit-machine, which measures and compares power output through many iterations of small adjustments across the spectrum. Pro-fits are mainly useful for serious racers looking to squeeze that last 1% of power out of their pedal stroke. For the rest of us, getting a good basic fit, and then fine-tuning it to the level of an intermediate fit results in the comfort and power we’re all looking for.

Within the Bike Fit eBook, I also include a table that you can fill out that lists all of your bicycle-specific parameters, components and key bicycle measurements. A gearing and cassette comparison and selector charts as well as a summary table of the most important items a bike fitter should cover is also included.

After inputting several key physical measurements, the included spreadsheet auto-calculates all of your fitting variables for you to keep as a baseline for your first bike fit.

Lastly, and most importantly, I include recommended component adjustments that you can make yourself if you are feeling any pain or discomfort.




This Bike Fit 101 Bike Fit eBook has over 30 pages of step-by-step bike fit process flows, tips, tricks, hints and included spreadsheet calculation workbook. This Bike Fit eBook is a one-stop knowledge center of information that will prove useful to you whether you intend to do a self-fit or work with a pro to get your very best dialed in bike fit.

Bike Fit eBook

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