Only a few short years ago, getting a ‘Bike Fit’ was all about fitting the RIDER to

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the BIKE. Since this involved fitting an asymmetrical human body to an symmetrical bicycle, this really didn’t work too well. Cyclists that got a Bike Fit using this philosophy ended up with knee pain, back pain, hip pain or shoulder/hand/wrist pain.

Cyclists Pursuing their Passion

Since many cyclists experience pain while pursuing their passion, Bike Fitness Coaching subscribes to the modern philosophy of fitting the BIKE to YOU! Using this new paradigm, Bike Fitness Coaching spends much more time modifying the equipment so that it fits you, ensuring the comfort you desire while and helping you maximize your potential.

Bike Fitness Coaching offers several packages as well as important related services, each designed to meet particular rider needs. These include;

* Advanced Bike Fit – for Comfort & Injury-Free Cycling
* Pedaling & Power Analysisfor Maximum Efficiency & Wattage Output
* In-Depth Pedal/Cleat/Shoe/Foot (PCSF) Fit for Healthy Pain-Free Knees
* Shimano Di2 Firmware Programming, Firmware Updates/Upgrades
* Rotor Q-Rings Regulation Optimization for Maximum Efficiency

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Each bike fit package involves a 3-step process including a PRE-FIT, BIKE FIT and a follow-up (2-4 week) POST-FIT / interview.

So, if you are seeking a solution to the pain and discomfort you experience while riding or, knowing that you are not maximizing your cycling potential, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can help make your cycling an enjoyable, rewarding and pain-free experience.