Only a few short years ago, getting a ‘Bike Fit’ was all about fitting the RIDER to

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the BIKE. Since this involved fitting an asymmetrical human body to an symmetrical bicycle, this really didn’t work too well. Cyclists that got a Bike Fit using this philosophy ended up with knee pain, back pain, hip pain or shoulder/hand/wrist pain.

Cyclists Pursuing their Passion

Since many cyclists experience pain while pursuing their passion, Bike Fitness Coaching subscribes to the modern philosophy of fitting the BIKE to YOU! Using this new paradigm, Bike Fitness Coaching spends much more time modifying the equipment so that it fits you, ensuring the comfort you desire while and helping you maximize your potential.

Bike Fitness Coaching offers several packages as well as important related services, each designed to meet particular rider needs. These include;

* Advanced Bike Fit – for Comfort & Injury-Free Cycling
* Pedaling & Power Analysisfor Maximum Efficiency & Wattage Output
* In-Depth Pedal/Cleat/Shoe/Foot (PCSF) Fit for Healthy Pain-Free Knees
* Shimano Di2 Firmware Programming, Firmware Updates/Upgrades
* Rotor Q-Rings Regulation Optimization for Maximum Efficiency

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Each bike fit package involves a 3-step process including a PRE-FIT, BIKE FIT and a follow-up (2-4 week) POST-FIT / interview.

So, if you are seeking a solution to the pain and discomfort you experience while riding or, knowing that you are not maximizing your cycling potential, please contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can help make your cycling an enjoyable, rewarding and pain-free experience.


Our Pedaling Analysis service is a cost-effective way for you to gauge the efficiency of your pedal stroke. Pedaling Analysis assumes that you have already had our Bike Fit, so that we can concentrate on torque angles, power balance left-to-right, pedal stroke utilization analysis, equipment changes and fit modifications, all using Spin Scan on the Computrainer.



POWER OUTPUT:Bike Fit Power Analysis


In conjunction with Pedaling Efficiency Analysis, Power Output is measured and documented. Recommended tweaks are made to bike sizing and bike fitting. Equipment modifications are implemented and new results  are documented. All of this is followed up with post-analysis stretching recommendations, drills to perform and other workout recommendations.



For our next advanced bike fit service, I offer an in-depth pedal/cleat/shoe/foot fit. This is the single most important item to get correct since it sets the foundation for not only the rest of an advanced bike fit, but also, has great impact on pedaling efficiency and power output. Sadly to say, most cyclists end up adjusting the cleats themselves and get these important adjustments completely wrong. By the time they come in to see me, they are already complaining of knee pain and hip pain.Bike Fit Analysis

In summary, this is the most important part of a bike fit to get correct.

If incorrect, then the whole rest of the bike fit is incorrect.

At Bike Fitness Coaching, I evaluate and adjust the 5-key areas of the foot/pedal interface.

*Cleat Fore-Aft Adjustment
*Medial-Lateral (side-to-side) Adjustment
*Rotational Adjustment
*Wedging to help mitigate pain and hot-spots on or near the ball of the foot
*Cleat Shims to Address leg length discrepancies




Bike Fitting



Our Aero Testing, Analysis and Feedback will save you BIG $$$ over the $10,000/hour wind tunnel, AND, we will get you pretty close results to the wind tunnel. Bike Fit Orange CountyJust ask for our Aero Testing Procedure and Form, follow the instructions, return your power files and we will tell you how many watts better or worse each run is compared to the other.

I have personally gone through the entire process and verified the results. For example, Do you know how many extra watts expenditure it takes to move you forward when your hands are on the bar top .vs in the drops? How about when there’s wind, how about when there is no wind? Where’s the best place to put the water bottle? How about your helmet, club cut .vs race cut jersey?

For more information, please contact us directly.


We are Shimano Di2-certified and specialize in E-Tube & Di2 System Installation,  Setup, Shimano Di2 programming, Di2 firmware updating, d-fly, e-tubeDi2 Troubleshooting of existing systems (6770, 6870, 9070), Firmware Programming, Firmware Updates, Modifying Controls, Component Upgrades, AND we will recharge your battery while these services are being performed!

We can also install your new EWW01 Di2 wireless transmitter (see reviews here and here) and make sure that it “talks” with not only your Di2 system, but also “talks” with your GPS head unit (not all head units talk to Di2 yet).

We can also provide minor tune-ups to ensure your Di2 system is working efficiently with the rest of your components.

So bring your bike in for a free evaluation, and stay for a bike fit!



Rotor elliptical Rings can be a great asset and advantage, but ONLY if they are setup correctly. A study conducted in 2011 [click here for pdf] showed that the cyclists studied ROTOR Q-RING Regulation Optimizationgenerated more power to the rear wheel, with an average increase of 26.7 W (6.2%) over round rings. Other important factors were also seen, namely Reduced oxygen consumption and Reduced heart rate.

The study showed that the more effort a cyclist exerts, the greater the benefit of Q-Rings.

See the results of a DaveyY – a recent bike fit where I re-regulated the clients Q-Rings …

So the questions are

  1. Which rings do I need?
  2. How do I install them (correctly)?

ROTOR Q-RING Regulation Optimization

Everyone pedals differently, pushing and pulling the pedals at slightly different points along the circle. Using the Computrainer, I analyze your personal pedaling style, document where you apply your maximum force to the pedals, then re-regulate the Q-Rings to match your personal pedaling style.

*We are an authorized ROTOR dealer and will make sure that you receive the correct cranksets and/or rings that match your goals. Rotor makes round rings as well as elliptical rings in different physical and ‘virtual’ sizes so it is critical that the right rings be ordered and installed correctly. Stop by and let’s talk ROTOR!


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